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Brand value

Brand value lies in the capacity to evolve with time. In our laboratory, we try to anticipate events by studying and devising how to improve our services and, above all, designing the next services to offer to our clients. Clean & Iron Service is not just a brand but a way of thinking, evolving and surprising in the domestic service sector. We are committed to service quality and professionalism.

Our history

That cold winter morning of 1932 was bitter. Mr. Hernest Muligan, on removing his jacket to hang it in the wardrobe of his small shop on Sunset Street in San Francisco, realised that the shirt he was wearing that morning had not been ironed. Then Mr. Muligan remembered the conversation he had had with his wife the night before, when she complained that, as she spent so much time in her husband’s shop, she hardly had time to manage her chores. This anecdote encouraged Mr. Hernest Muligan to found the first domestic services company in the USA.

Our values

The philosophy of the Clean & Service team is to be able to offer professional services within a framework of quality, with an impeccable brand image. We must be doing something right, as 25 years cannot be improvised instantaneously. Our business and personal philosophy is to feel comfortable with our environment, our colleagues and our clients. This is the result of a way of doing things and managing that some call Slow Management but we prefer to call "Intelligent Management".

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